Frequently Asked Questions for ASP Acupuncture Clinic


What is an ASP acupuncture clinic?

ASP stands for auricular (ear) semi- permanent. ASP needles are shaped like tiny darts that are inserted into ear acupuncture points. The ASP needles are designed to stay in ear points for 2-5 days post treatment for continued results. The ASP needles either fall out on their own or are removed by the patient within 2-5 days post treatment.


What are ASP needles used to treat?

This style of ear acupuncture was designed by Air Force Colonel Dr. Richard Niemtzow for the military. In the military this protocol is called Battlefield acupuncture and was created to be used by medics to treat pain. The sequence of ear points are used for pain management. This type of treatment is especially helpful for low back pain, hip pain, leg and knee pain, neck pain, headaches and other body pains. There is also another protocol using ASP needles that helps with PTSD and anxiety.


How is ASP different from traditional acupuncture?

With an ASP treatment, the patient is seated in a chair and the needles are only inserted into ear points. ASP needles stay in for 2-5 days post treatment. The treatment takes about 15 minutes. With traditional acupuncture, fine needles are inserted into body points while the patient is laying down. Traditional acupuncture treatments take about 50 minutes and all needles are removed post treatment.


Do ASP needles hurt?

ASP needles are inserted quickly, sometimes it is painless and sometimes it feels like a pinch.


How are ASP needles removed?

ASP needles are easy to remove and can be taken out by the patient. 2-5 days post insertion when the needles are ready to be taken out, they are easiest to remove after a shower. Post shower, gently pull the needles out. Some needles might have already fallen out on their own unnoticed (they are tiny). Please refer to the take home instruction sheet given to you by your provider for an illustration of the location of your needles and be sure to remove all needles. If you would like your provider to remove your needles please call Wolf Chiropractic Clinic at (509) 892-9800.


Is there a risk of infection with semi permanent needles?

The risk of infection is very low. The needles are sterile and pre-packaged. The needle insertion sight is swabbed with rubbing alcohol prior to insertion. Once the needles are in, try not touch them. The needles are best left alone, to reduce the chance of infection. If the needles bother you or are irritated, please remove the needles.


How will ear acupuncture help relieve pain in the rest of my body (such as my back, knee or neck)? 

In acupuncture the whole body is represented in the ear.  The whole musculoskeletal system of the body has associated points on the ear.  There are also points on the ear for the organs in the body, for the brain, and hormones, etc.  This style of battlefield/ASP ear acupuncture uses a specific protocol designed to relieve chronic and acute pain anywhere on the body.


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